Leaflet – Information for Referers – Supporting the Bereaved

A free, brief therapeutic service for individuals and whānau needing specific support for bereavement by suicide. It fits within the range of services that support the bereaved.

How will the Service meet the needs of different population groups?

• The design and delivery of the service included input from a range of different stakeholder groups. Continued engagement will occur with these groups at a national level
• Local hui to discuss input from various populations will occur in each region
• Online Providers will increase your options to choose a provide that meets your needs.

How do I refer?

• You can refer by emailing referrals@aoake-te-ra.org.nz, or phone 0800 000 053, or use the online referral form on www.aoaketera.org.nz
• Any agency can refer and bereaved can self-refer to provide easy access to the service.

…individuals and whānau needing specific support for bereavement…

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