5 ways to make your zoom meeting more secure

  • Generate a random ID for the meeting
  • Make sure participants need a password
  • Enable Waiting Room in the advanced options
  • Restrict screen sharing
  • Lock a meeting

Update to the latest version of Zoom

To update to the latest version of Zoom, visit the  download page

Controlling who joins

Every Zoom meeting is based around a 9-digit meeting ID. Be careful who you share the meeting ID with. Contacts you’ve added in Zoom will be able to see your Personal Meeting ID.

Generate a random ID for the meeting rather than using your personal one.

Make sure participants need a password to access the meeting using the options pane when you create or schedule a meeting.

Enable Waiting Room in the advanced options. People are put on hold here before you give them approval to join.

Restrict Users

Restrict screen sharing to stop anyone except you from sharing the desktops or apps on their computer. You can still grant screen sharing privileges to specific users in a meeting. Click the small arrow next to Share Screen and you can ensure that only you can bring up anything from your computer or phone.

Lock a meeting once you’re sure that everyone who needs to join has joined. From the desktop app, click Manage Participants, More, and then Lock Meeting. Just make doubly sure that you weren’t expecting someone who hasn’t yet arrived, as they won’t be able to get in.

Add all of these measures up together and you can be very confident that your next Zoom meeting isn’t about to get rudely interrupted. Be careful not to get complacent though, particularly when it comes to limiting the exposure of the meeting IDs and the passwords that you’re using for your video calls.



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