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Are you a big fan of coffee? Can you not really function if you’ve not had that morning cup? We all have our reasons for loving coffee – some like it cheap and quick to give them the energy they need while others prefer to go on sites like Great Coffee Brewers to find the best drip coffee maker. It may take longer for their coffee to be brewed but it tastes so much better than the instant coffee you can get.

Anyway, good news for all you coffee lovers! Spanish researchers studied food questionnaires from 19,896 people with an average age of 37 and followed them for about ten years.

Results show people who drank at least four cups of coffee each day had a 64 percent lower risk of death than those who never drank coffee.

Authors said overall, there was a 25 percent lower risk of death for every two additional cups of coffee per day – with the greatest benefit for people 45 and older. While coffee can be unhealthy if large quantities are consumed instead of food or sleep, the majority of the time it’s healthy for anyone drinking reasonable amounts of it. With statistics such as these, there really is no reason not to invest in that dual coffee machine you have been coveting; be sure to have a look at a full list of two way makers to ensure that you choose the right one for you.

Dr. Plate said coffee can be part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

“What we know is your risk, your health risk, may be reduced by the amount of coffee that you take in on a daily basis,” said Dr. Plate. “Do it with caution, talk to your doctor, but enjoy that cup of coffee.”

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