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Since its emergence as a public health problem in the 1970s, most discussions of CSA have focused on female victims. There is growing awareness, however, that boys are frequently the victims of sexual abuse as well. The highly publicized scandals in mainstream organizations such as the Catholic Church, the Boys Scouts of America, and, more recently, collegiate sports institutions such as Penn State (Boyle, 1994; Fater & Mullaney, 2000; Zinser, 2011) have
brought the issue to the attention of the general public. Confirming what survivors, advocates, and clinicians have known for years, researchers have found that approximately 15% of adult men report being sexually abused during childhood (Briere & Elliott, 2003; Dube, Anda, Whitfield, Brown, Felitti, Dong & Giles, 2005; Finkelhor, 1990; Lisak, Hopper, & Song, 1996).

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