Strategies To Help Combat Monday Work Dread

Consider deleting your mail app from your phone as soon as Friday at 5 p.m. hits. This will also serve as an exhale type of moment, signifying it’s time to unplug after a week of hard work.

Work for 1 hour on Sunday. This time should be focused, though. Use your weekend work hour to get set for the week ahead. Stay in an offensive state of mind instead of going into defense mode by replying to emails.

As mentioned, creating a proactive plan for your week can generate a sense of control and calm. Consider writing your plan down. Putting pen to paper helps you to slow down and think about what you want to accomplish.

Job anxiety can be expected. Feel whatever you need to, and don’t beat yourself up.

Talk to colleagues at your company to see if those same stressors are present for them. Often simply knowing you aren’t alone is helpful.

11 Strategies To Help Combat Monday Work Dread | Psychology Today