Sexual abuse against gay men brings unique stigma

But, sexual minority males who have experienced sexual trauma face even greater health disparities. Gay and bisexual men with histories of childhood and adult sexual victimization are more likely to report greater numbers of sexually transmitted infections, increased sexual risk for human immunodeficiency virus, and higher sexual compulsivity than men with no history of sexual assault. In addition, sexual minority male survivors exhibit more negative psychological outcomes related to their sexual identities, such as lower self-esteem, distorted sense of self and difficulties forming healthy adult intimate relationships.

Sexual abuse against gay and bi men brings unique stigma and harm (

But for men, that stigma can take on a unique tone. Because guys aren’t “supposed to be” sexual abuse victims, Saewyc said, they may have trouble understanding that they’re being abused. Most perpetrators of abuse are male, so male victims also tend to struggle with issues of sexuality in ways many female victims do not. When perpetrators are women sexually abusing guys, Lisak said, it’s just as harmful to the victims, but society is prone to shrug it off as a “Mrs. Robinson” thing.

Male Victims of Sexual Abuse Face Unique Challenges | Live Science