Challenges Transgender and Queer Employees Face

Here are fifteen challenges transgender and non-binary/genderqueer employees often experience in the workplace. Depending on the individual and her/his/their circumstances and environment, the number and degree of difficulties differ.

1. When meeting or being introduced for the first time, how to deal with managers’, coworkers’, clients’ or customers’ surprised, often automatic and disconfirming verbal and nonverbal social cues (i.e., starring incredulously, avoiding eye contact, etc.).

2. How to respond when identified and called with the incorrect pronoun, either mistakenly or deliberately, by managers, colleagues, staff, clients, and/or customers.

3. How to fill out employment and human resource documents (i.e., healthcare, marital status, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement, other benefits) which allow only “male” and “female” designations. Relatedly, whether they will receive gender-affirming healthcare, life, and disability insurance coverage.

15 Challenges Transgender and Queer Employees Face at Work | Psychology Today