Domestic Violence STereogram

When Anger is Sudden and Completely Unexpected

Angry man
Angry man

Male survivors of sexual abuse often experience sudden and unpredictable behaviour.

Psychotic-like symptoms. Paranoia, hallucinations or brief psychotic episodes are not uncommon for survivors of child sexual abuse.

Mood fluctuations, anger and irritability. Children are often unable to verbalize their feelings so instead, they act out on them. Sometimes, the same is true for adults. Mood fluctuations, irritability and disrupted neurotransmitter systems in the brain that present as depression, mania, anger and anxiety are common among trauma survivors.

Disrupted relationships and difficulties maintaining long-term friendships or romantic partners. Following the aftermath of sexual abuse, peopleare not experienced as safe, trustworthy and available so maintaining long-term relationships based on honestly is difficult and often tumultuous.

11 Common Symptoms Experienced by Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse (