I’m over 6ft. I’m athletic. I didn’t think I was going to believed’

“I never reported my rape to the police,” said Jack* who was assaulted by someone he considered a close friend.

“I’m over 6ft. I’m athletic. I didn’t think I was going to be believed. You never think that someone would de-power you with a horse tranquillizer.

“I was 19, a time in my life where I was making new friends, having new experiences. I was befriended by an older guy. I started to notice that he was starting to isolate me, take me away from the groups we were hanging out in. I now realise that this was him grooming me.

“When we were at a party together I started to feel weak and wheezy. I went to bed…and that is where the attack took place. It consisted of some physical violence, but it was a sexual attack.

“I had been drugged. I was completely helpless. I had no power in my arms and my legs. It was painful. I was aware of what was happening and unable to do anything about it.”

The next thing he recalls he was coming around the next morning.

“I ran to the bathroom, took all my clothes off and wiped myself down. I remember putting my underwear in my pocket. When I got in the door I scrubbed myself down, to the point of bleaching myself clean. I looked in the mirror and resented what I saw.