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If you’re an introvert, you value interpersonal connections as much as anyone, but there’s one thing that sets you apart: you’re not afraid to be independent.

Introverts enjoy taking me-time. This solitude, in fact, is how they regain their energy after a hard day’s socializing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t like to socialize—it simply means that they generate their own energy rather than drawing it from interaction with others.

This means that, as an introvert, you work great on your own, and are capable of placing a great amount of concentration into one task for long periods of time.

In the workplace, this can make you the joy of a boss who doesn’t want to have to micromanage employees—they’ll have confidence that they can give you a task and set you free.

This can also be great for your social relationships. You’ll be able to give your friends, family, and romantic interests the space they might need to grow as people.

The independence of an introvert is a huge asset—never discount the power of alone time.