MSD Standard: The organisation promotes client-centred practice

The organisation involves its clients and stakeholders in planning, implementation, and evaluation at all levels of the service to ensure services are current and responsive.

Evidence may include:

  • policies and procedures relating to client participation in service development and review
  • policies that support the rights of clients; for example, unimpeded access to personal items
  • recognition of clients’ views in governance and strategic planning
  • client participation in organisational decision-making, such as recruitment or through sub-committee activities
  • client participation in targeted evaluations and continuous improvement activities
  • client engagement in planning and programming decisions
  • choice of activities, programmes or individual package options, such as choice of key worker and development of personal goals
  • training, education and staff development
  • programme responsiveness to needs and trends of clients
  • family/whānau engagement in the above processes, where applicable.