Types of emotional abuse


Common types of emotional abuse include:

– Gaslighting: Gaslighting is named after the Ingrid Bergman film Gaslight, where the main character is made to feel crazy so that the abuser is allowed to take total control. It’s a common form of psychological abuse where the abuser makes their victim feel as if their reality is not valid. They might call them “crazy.”

– Name-calling: When the abuser calls the victim names, such as “loser,” or “crazy.” This is domestic abuse.

– Constant communication: The abuser wants to know where the victim is at all times to maintain total control. They will always call or text them as a means of controlling them. They may even hide or take your car keys to keep you from leaving or escaping the situation.

– Undermining: When the abuser interrupts or tells the victim that they’re wrong. They might try to talk over the person to make them feel small. Intimate partners need to push each other up, not let them down through unneeded criticism in intimate relationships.

– Rage: Gets extremely angry at the victim in a manner that scares them. Intimate partners need to discuss their problems calmly and never resort to violence or rage.