Anger is an energy: how to turn fury into a force for good

Anger is one of the most important and influential emotions in human life and so it is in politics and campaigning. But anger management is vital in my view if you want to be effective. I worry about how quickly people in positions of power are getting angry. Countless psychological and behavioural science studies have shown that anger impairs decision-making and judgment. I also think that people in positions of power need to check their privilege and platform, as their behaviour and handling of anger sends a message to wider society.

I always try to ignore the tone, the anger, listen to the words and message and calmly address that; to enable a dialogue that dilutes the anger coming from the person opposite me. I try to keep clear of emotions and deal always in facts, to keep clear of personalising things and try not to use complex language that can make others feel that you are belittling them.