Vulnerability: The Key to Better Relationships | Mark Manson

Humor me for a moment—read through this list and tell me if any of it applies to you:

  • You consistently fall into boring conversation topics because they’re “safe” and shallow and you don’t have to risk offending or inciting anyone with them.
  • You’re stuck in a job or lifestyle you don’t truly enjoy, because other people always told you that it was a good idea and you didn’t want to upset or disappoint others.
  • You haven’t exercised or groomed yourself to the extent that you could because you didn’t want to stand out too much.
  • Dressing extremely well makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Smiling at strangers makes you feel creepy.
  • The idea of asking someone out openly scares you because of the possible rejection.

All of these are symptoms of a root problem: an inability to make yourself vulnerable.