Pick a career that provides the right amount of distractions for your natural temperament or personality


Note that while we tend to celebrate the propensity to focus on or be immersed in something for extended periods of time, therefore resisting distractions, it is useful to remember that distractibility has the potential to enhance curiosity and creativity: the less seemingly irrelevant information you filter out or censor, the more original and unusual your ideas and inventions may be. Likewise, the inability to tolerate routines, boredom, and repetition will motivate people to seek novel and unconventional experiences, broadening their mind and horizons, as well as nurturing their social, intellectual, and experiential curiosity. (To find out if this may be you, you can try this very quick free assessment.)

Thus, a better antidote to the noxious impact of distractions may be to pick a job or career that provides the right amount of distractions for your natural temperament or personality. After all, talent is largely personality in the right place: If you find a task or job that is a natural fit for your natural habits and behavioral tendencies, those habits and tendencies will manifest themselves as “talent.” In other words, if you find an environment where your natural inclinations and proclivities are valued, your probability of being a high performer will be significantly higher.

With this in mind, here are four potential careers that may benefit from higher levels of mind wandering and distractibility. If you find yourself unable to focus on the same task or problem for extended periods of time, get to the solution of things pretty quickly, and wish that the day had more variety so you can broaden your range of work-related experiences, here are some career options that may suit your temperament and type.