Nun bares sexual abuse, illicit relations of nuns and priests in the Catholic Church in autobiography

The nun speaks about the sexual advances she has faced and also sexual abuses and harassments faced by several other nuns known to her in her 35-years-of life as a nun. A major part of the book deals with sexual abuses happening round the convent. It’s with priests that majority of the nuns have a relationship.

A startling revelation in the book is about a priest, who was allotted a room in a convent near his residence. The priest, who used to conduct counselling on safe sexual practices, provided practical lessons to the nuns in the convent. Though a nun raised a complaint against the priest, he was allowed to continue with his classes till he retired and left the place.

“The experiences I know of, that some of my sisters have been through, are horrendous. I am aware of some convents, where young novice nuns are sent to priests for their ‘pleasure’ as a matter of practice. They were made to pose nude for the priests for hours. They wouldn’t be permitted to leave even when they pleaded to let them go,” writes the nun in the book.

Lucy Kalappura has also recorded cases of young nuns subjected to homosexuality in convents by senior nuns. “Fighting mental dilemma, the nuns have to silently carry these crosses within the four walls of their convents. They are also constantly stalked by so-called ‘counsellors’ who exploit their predicament,” she writes.

The autobiography talks about numerous instances in which nuns are sexually assaulted or exploited by the priests. While some nuns are consenting, others silently suffer through it. The revelations are similar to those from the autobiography of Sister Jesmi, titled Amen: The Autobiography of a Nun, which was published in 2009.