Battered Not Broken: The journey of redemption after abuse | Marica Phipps | TEDxYearlingRoad

Marica’s experience along with her voice to share her story inspired her and created a platform for her to reach, motivate & advocate for others. This platform has a name, called ‘Battered Not Broken, Inc.; it is 501(c)(3) organization providing education, crisis support, empowerment, and resources for individuals currently in crisis or recovering from the physical, emotional and psychological trauma of domestic abuse & violence. Marica uses this platform in to provide programs in the community for youth/ young adults, that aid in the prevention of victimization and perpetration of interpersonal violence. To find out more about Battered Not Broken visit the organization’s website at

Marica Phipps is a survivor of domestic abuse. Through her experience, her faith and patience were tested many times as she navigated through layers of the judicial system; she overcame her internal struggles, and supported the healing process of her children’s journeys. Through her talk, she will address the societal perception and logical belief that abuse is a random, uncontrolled act where the person has no control over their violent behavior.