Recovery is possible

A photo from 2017 shows Valet with pockmarked, scabbed skin and deep, black circles beneath her eyes. The other shows the 25-year-old at her July graduation ceremony for her GED [general education development] diploma, her skin clear and glowing.

In a candid interview with the Daily Mail, Valet said her years of drug abuse started with marijuana as a 13-year-old, her “really rough” childhood leading to drugs, sex and alcohol as “ways to escape reality”.

As a teen, Valet became hooked on Vicodin, oxycodone, morphine and Percocet after being introduced to the prescription pills by a former boyfriend. When she was 17, Valet was raped by two men while she was intoxicated and incoherent.

To cope with the trauma of the rapes, Valet turned to heroin and methamphetamine after being introduced to the class A drugs by a dealer. When her using developed into a daily habit, Valet resorted to stealing to fund her addiction.

Valet has been arrested six times throughout her life. She told the Daily Mail that her first stint in jail led to a suicide attempt when she was just 19 years old, leaving her in a coma for two days.