I can look at him and feel nothing.


Given who they come from, those comments are pretty hard to ignore. And the police did reconsider: in February this year, Rewa stood trial for a third time for the killing of Burdett.

Twenty-three years after she gave evidence against her rapist, McHardy went to the High Court at Auckland again. Only this time she was in the public gallery.

“I actually just wanted to be able to walk in and sit down in the same room and hopefully catch his eye, because when I testified the first time, I didn’t see his face, he was head down the whole time.

When she arrived in court this time, Rewa was about to be cross-examined.

“He was just taking the stand and I caught his eye. And so we locked eyes just for a second. And I just sat down and I was literally just sitting there like an interested, curious observer, like everybody else. And it was a very empowering experience.

“I can look at him and feel nothing.”

Rewa tried a string of different defences, but this time, the jury wasn’t having it. He was found guilty.

It’s now impossible to imagine Rewa will ever set foot outside prison again.

“I think it was just a relief,” says McHardy. “I felt like the whole country just breathed a sigh of relief, like finally it’s over. It’s been a long time coming. Thank goodness the truth prevailed. Eventually.”