Peter Ellis dies before making last bid to clear name

Ellis has always maintained his innocence, and in the book A City Possessed, the allegations, gender politics at the time, and the law were put under scrutiny.

“The family are immensely proud of Peter and the dignified way he lived his life and wish to thank everyone for their support and to those who took time to visit and send best wishes to Peter,” a statement released on Wednesday said.

Ellis had already appealed his convictions twice. The first appeal revoked three convictions, but his second appeal was dismissed in 1999.
There was also a petition put forward to Parliament in 2003.

He had been battling cancer, and died peacefully surrounded by family and friends.

Supporters of Ellis said a decision to deny him a Commission of Inquiry was unjust.

Former ACT Party leader Don Brash was one of those who called for the inquiry, which was denied in 2015. He also initiated the petition in 2003.