17 Things to Curb Your Anxiety


2. Walk your dog for 30-minutes daily, or go for a hike. Movement is a wonderful metaphor for getting unstuck. Not only are you getting out of your home, but you’re getting out of your head. Especially if you have a wily breed like a Siberian Husky to keep you on your toes.

3. Drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated is a simple way to improve mental health. Studies show water facilitates the delivery of nutrients to the brain, removes toxins and inflammatory markers, and improves brain function.

4. Drop and do 10 pushups when your heart starts racing because your boss just bombed your inbox with unreasonable requests. Short bursts of heightened physical activity help you get rid of excess nervous energy.

5. Silently repeat, “I’m not the cause and I’m not the cure” whenever someone around you is being unreasonable. Many anxious souls are overly responsible for others’ feelings. If Bob in Accounting goes on a rant because the numbers aren’t adding up, that’s his problem. Don’t make it yours.

6. Fall in love with emotional regulation. Successful people are self-aware people. They also know how to reign in their emotions and maintain composure while warding off impulsivity during trying times.