Emmerdale: The myths around male sexual grooming explained

“The result of our survey confirmed what we’ve found when we’ve talked to the general public – it’s often around gender differences.

“If it’s a male teacher and a female student then people are more likely to feel it’s illegal, immoral or inappropriate. If it’s a female teacher and male student they’re less likely to think that.

“What it shows is society’s perception around what boys are like, what they want out of life and they’re hyper-sexualised. But equally they’re not vulnerable.

“Our experience of working with young men is that they’re equally as vulnerable as young women to exploitation and abuse. The impact of what happens afterwards when they realise they’ve been groomed and exploited is as serious.

“They just show the impact in different ways. Many boys will get angry and hurt and unable to have positive and consensual relationships later in life and might be using substances or alcohol as a way of coping.
“Yet society feels like actually for boys it’s not a big deal.”