Carer managed to convince police he was impotent and incapable of committing the offences

She was interviewed by child protection authorities and the police, but she was not believed because the carer managed to convince them he was impotent and incapable of committing the offences.

The girl’s plight was highlighted by sentencing Judge Christopher Stevenson, who described her interview with authorities at the time as being like “the Spanish inquisition”, saying it was fortunate investigations were no longer conducted that way.

He also said the girl’s case worker had disregarded his primary responsibility to her, and at the time of the complaint had instead seemed more concerned about the carer’s physical health.

He said the carer had ingratiated himself with police and managed to persuade them he was impotent, but Judge Stevenson said that was a deliberate lie because the man was taking medication, including Viagra, for his erectile dysfunction.