Unconscious bias

The rigorously executed story is now being used as the basis of an academic paper by a prominent Oxford University sociologist.

The series pointed to a number of shocking data sets that showed ethnic minorities were at a disadvantage in driving tests, in the job market, and in elections. The data also showed how unconscious bias could have a violent outcome. Poppy Noor analysed the Met’s use-of-force data and found the Met used Tasers on black people more than four times as often as on white people, and used restraint four times as often.

Noor said: “Even the language of unconscious bias makes it sound like it’s a lot more subtle than it is. There isn’t an intention necessarily with unconscious bias to treat people badly, but through the data I was looking at, what I very quickly found is that the literal outcome can be violent. The way it changes how you experience life is massive.”

The impact of unconscious bias cannot be underestimated. It can chip away at your core, making you doubt yourself, and can leave you feeling alone.