Jesus is treating women as though they’re his equals

She’s a globally-renowned feminist who has never shied away from controversial topics, and at a recent event in Nigeria, author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie referenced Jesus’ treatment of women as proof he saw them as equals.

An audience member challenged Adichie’s views on feminism by stating: “If God wanted us to all to be equal, he would have created us as hermaphrodites.”
“When you use the bible to justify what, in my opinion, is injustice,” the author hit back, “let’s look at how Jesus treated women. Jesus came from a society that was very patriarchal. The Jewish people at that time did not give any regard to women, like many cultures all over the world,” she said.
“Jesus came, and suddenly Jesus is treating women as though they’re his equals. Jesus is talking to women. And the old-fashioned Jewish people were scandalized.”