7 Ways To Talk About Your Accomplishments Without Sounding Like A Braggart


3. Give Credit Where It’s Due

Acknowledge the team, friends, or family who helped you along the way. Similar to the acknowledgements in the back of a book, or an Oscar winner’s acceptance speech, point out that you aren’t solely responsible for your success.

Say, “I couldn’t have done this without such a supportive spouse,” or, “My team really stepped it up to make this happen.” People are receptive to hearing success stories when credit is given where it’s due.

4. Stick To The Facts

Sweeping generalizations and positive labels equate to tooting your own horn. Stick to self-disclosure, rather than self-praise and you’ll sound more authentic. Rather than saying, “I’m an excellent leader,” say, “Since I took over the team, sales have doubled.”

Let other people interpret the facts. If they conclude you’re an excellent leader or a rock star salesperson on their own, you’ll still come across as modest.