Don’t assume that correcting a problem will be a huge undertaking

People often feel stuck in problem patterns that feel too big to fix. In fact, you may be able to make very simple changes that greatly improve whatever your problem is. For example, you could start improving your teamwork by making one positive comment at every meeting you attend. Solutions that improve a problem by only 1% can have a big impact. When you start making very small changes, it can open your eyes to other easy changes you could make with very little effort or sacrifice.

This problem pattern happens on a relationship level too. For example, your spouse wants you to be more helpful and you think they’ll never be satisfied with anything you do. Relationship happiness is largely sentiment based. When we’re generally happy in a relationship, small things don’t bother us much. When we’re generally unhappy, everything irritates us. Small amounts of effort can completely change the emotional tone in your relationship and put it on a much better trajectory.