Introversion as an Excuse

Myth #1: Introverts don’t enjoy social events.
Truth: While introverts prefer spending time alone and are more easily overwhelmed by stimulation than extroverts, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy going to social events at all, just that they’ll likely want to leave an event earlier than an extrovert will; they’ll get their fill of it sooner.

In fact, while extroverts may be more motivated than introverts to seek the rewards attendant to social events, studies show that both types actually seem to enjoy themselves about equally once they’re there. Further, research also shows that when introverts act extroverted they feel happier. It may not even be true that introverts feel more drained after a social event; a recent study showed that not only do both extroverts and introverts feel happier while acting extroverted, both also feel equally fatigued afterwards. Socializing takes effort, and effort makes you happy in the moment, and tired afterwards. It’s not an introvert or extrovert thing, but a human thing.

Bottom line: Introverts can readily enjoy social events (and business meetings), just perhaps in smaller and less frequent doses than their extroverted peers.