Untreated depression changes the brain


Years of untreated depression may lead to neurodegenerative levels of brain inflammation. That’s according to a first-of-its-kind study (link is external) showing evidence of lasting biological changes in the brain for those suffering with depression for more than a decade.

The study findings are from the same research team that originally identified a link between brain inflammation and depression. Along with subsequent research, the findings have started to change thinking about depression treatments. Evidence is increasingly pointing to the possibility that depression is not only a biological disorder with immediate implications but over time may alter the brain in ways requiring different forms of treatment than what’s currently available. One such treatment could be the use of a device to stimulate vagus nerve responses. This nerve regulates the heart and brain amongst other organs and is known to improve moods and reduce stress when stimulated.

Another revolutionary treatment for depression that everyone seems to be talking about is CBDA oil. There are various research and reviews on these cannabis-based products that have been shown to treat the symptoms of depression. You can learn more here. According to research, products containing CBDA have been shown to have a mood-boosting impact on people living with depression. There are numerous online dispensaries where people looking for natural approaches to combatting depression can find cbda oil for sale as well as other health and wellness products. If you are considering using CBDA oil to manage your depression, it is strongly recommended that you consider speaking to your doctor beforehand. As well as CBDA, another popular supplement that can be introduced into someone’s lifestyle is Kratom. Again, this ingredient is something that can help the body relax and remain calm. Kratom can be used more loosely than the CBDA and can be introduced into dietary needs quite easily. It can be used as a tea, put into yogurts, put into protein shakes, or taken as capsules but you can read more at organakratom.com. Although Kratom cannot cure depression, it can certainly help manage overall wellness and help steady someone’s mood. It is strongly recommended that you consider speaking to a doctor before introducing this into your diet.