Good-looking peoplemore likely to believe that life is fair

Two studies of 395 college students found that people who were more physically attractive were more likely to agree with statements such as “I feel that people get what they are entitled to have” and “I feel that people who meet with misfortune have brought it on themselves.”

This was true both when the participants rated their own attractiveness and when the attractiveness of the participants was rated by their peers.

“As humans, we often want to compartmentalize various aspects of our self,” Westfall explained to PsyPost. “This work helps to crystallize the message that our perception of the world is influenced by factors that we would tend to discount as tangential.”

“Our personal beliefs and values are often simply a reflections of the stimuli that we’ve been exposed to, rather than representations of well thought out positions. In the case of this study, our conceptualization of justice may simply reflect our own privilege.”