Dame Lesley says it can’t always be ascribed to poverty


Dame Lesley says it can’t always be ascribed to poverty, so we need to dig deeper.

It was only a couple of weeks ago we also had big news in the papers about the worrying statistics around child abuse: one in four children under 17 years old in this country will be the subject of notifications to child protection. But again, that shocking story is no longer in the news.

Our Prime Minister has said that her dream and goal is that no child lives in poverty in New Zealand. It’s an honourable intention, but perhaps a more pertinent goal would be that no child dies or is injured or abused at the hands of their caregivers.

Maybe if we can direct the spotlight back onto the ugly truth of our child abuse record, we might be able to save a few more children from being abused at the hands of those they love and trust the most. It should be something that all of us are vested in.