The brothel of Daulatdia – Prostitution in Bangladesh. With English subtitles

Daulatdia is the name of a village in Rajbari District, Bangladesh which is the largest brothel in Bangladesh,[1] and has been called one of the largest brothels in the world.[2][3] It is one of 20 officially sanctioned brothels in the country opening around 1988, although it was unofficially in existence for decades prior.[2] Estimates of the number of sex workers in the village range from 1,300 to 2,000.[1][3] Daulatdia services more than 3,000 men daily;[3] these men can pay for sex, take drugs and gamble.[1] Though prostitution is only legal in Bangladesh for women aged 18 or older, the average age of newly arriving sex workers is 14,[3] and some sex workers in Daulatdia are as young as 10.[1] Many of them are sold into sex work for about $250, which they are then obligated to pay to pimps who are mostly older women, known as “madams”.[1] The sex workers are often tricked by their madams into taking drugs such as Ventolin or Oradexon, which are designed to fatten cattle.[1][3]