Survive Depression

1. Read a book, watch a movie or TV series

Sometimes when life feels too difficult, we can seek temporary escapes in books, movies, or TV series that are familiar to us. Reading or watching a show that explains every detail about the thinking process, emotions, and situation we are going through could be entertaining and calming. But it’s better if we choose themes that entertain, encourage and remind us that there are other things to do than fall into depression. Avoid depressing and dark themes.

2. Play with pets

Studies have shown that interaction with pets can enhance our quality of life and mental health in general. Spend some time with your pet cat or dog, or visit the nearest cat or dog café if there is one. Otherwise, find an animal shelter and volunteer to care for animals there.

3. Get involved in an anonymous online forum, blog or local community

There are not many people who will freely speak about their mental health. Depressed souls, however, should know that they are not alone and that they should keep on fighting. Joining an online forum or local community will help us to realize that many people around the world are suffering from the same condition. The knowledge will help us feel less lonely.