Ghosting your way out a relationship

Not surprisingly, most people found ghosting to be an unacceptable way to end a relationship. However, how acceptable people found it to be depended on the type of relationship. In the first study, 28 percent of respondents felt it was acceptable to ghost after just one date, whereas only 4.7 percent felt that it was an acceptable way to end a long-term romantic relationship. When it came to short-term relationships, 19.5 percent felt that ghosting was acceptable. In addition, the majority of participants (69.1 percent) said that knowing someone had ghosted a romantic partner would make them think more negatively of that person. Respondents also generally felt that ghosting friends was not that acceptable, but they typically believed it was more acceptable to ghost friends than romantic partners. This is consistent with other research in which participants were asked how they felt about being on the receiving end of various break-up methods – in that study, cutting off contact was considered one of the least desirable ways to end a relationship. Being ghosted in a committed relationship typically makes it harder for the victim of the ghosting to move on, with huge damage done to trust. However, it is possible to get over and move on from that person; just take the tips from With these tips, you’ll be able to find a better partner that’s more well-suited to you, as well as someone who doesn’t consider ghosting an appropriate method of ending a relationship!