“You will not ruin one more day.”


I believe in forgiving everything. And everyone. Because there is no reason not to forgive. That’s not to say that you should keep toxic people in your daily life, but you can only gain by forgiving them in your heart.

My life mentor is Eva Kor. She and her sister were among some 3,000 twins tortured by Josef Mengele during the Holocaust. Only around 200 twins, including Eva and her sister Miriam, survived. Each weekday the Nazi doctors did terrible things to Eva and her sister. But 50 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, Eva returned to the camp and publicly forgave the Nazi doctors and even Mengele himself. “You have ruined 50 years of my life,” she said, “You will not ruin one more day.”

Now Eva is the most joyous woman I know. She jumps up to dance at the first sign of music, she’s always smiling, and at 84 she’s still the life of the party.