Don’t Feed the Troll ( High Conflict Person )
Here’s a few tips for dealing with them and getting out of their cross-hairs:

1. Don’t diss the narcissist! While it’s very tempting to insult narcissists right back and tell them how stupid they are and what losers they really are, this doesn’t help. Surprisingly, they can’t handle that and will typically escalate their insults and efforts to humiliate you—sometimes for months or years, if they are HCPs. It’s better to hold off on direct negative feedback and instead focus on what you want from them. And if what you want is to have them shut up, then it’s best to find a reason to simply move away from them. It’s common to notice that they suck all the oxygen out of a room, so that it’s hard for anyone else to get attention. Say a pleasant goodbye and get out of there.