Benefits of being alone

2. You’ll get smarter.

Alone time isn’t all just binge-watching your favorite shows in your elastic waistband pants. Many introverts spend their solitude reading books and articles or listening to podcasts. And the benefits of reading are yuge, including helping keep your brain sharp (link is external), possibly staving off Alzheimer’s disease (link is external), and even making you more empathetic (link is external) (when you read fiction). If you’re not spending five hours a week learning something new via reading, you’re being irresponsible with your time, argues (link is external) entrepreneur and bestselling author Michael Simmons. Top business leaders like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Oprah spend five hours a week deliberately learning (link is external); they’re pretty busy people, so the moral of the story is that if they can find time to do it, so can you.