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Uber helps those with mental health issues – what are they left with now? http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwlOKQkDY


But my research suggests that Uber has been providing a valuable – and currently irreplaceable – service to those living with mental ill-health.

Anyone who’s suffered from depression knows the physical, mental, and emotional strain of simply getting from A to B, or even out of the house. The catch-22? Activities that can alleviate symptoms, such as exercise, socializing with friends, or just making it to work, require you to do just that. Being able to summon a car to your home with a few moments’ clicking, at an affordable price, can make a difference between a good day and a bad. When people suffer from anxiety, they can be worried about being late or running behind, so if they are waiting for a ride they want to be assured that it is coming. Uber can help with this by utilizing telematics onto their fleet system using https://www.lytx.com/en-us/resources/articles/telematics for the necessary help.

The common symptoms: effective paralysis in the face of choice, the need for immediate relief, and a reluctance to talk – ruling out a plethora of local minicab companies. Hailing a black cab is virtually impossible outside of zones 1 and 2 anyway, and the risk of getting stuck somewhere (such as work, or your own bed), unable to leave, is ever-present. Current or prospective Uber drivers may want to look for an Uber quote for cheaper insurance online to properly protect their interests when out on the roads.

And consider just how much Uber can help those suffering from anxiety. For the mentally healthy, public transport is a stressful, uncomfortable inconvenience. For the anxiety-ridden, it can be a non-stop nightmare: an insurmountable obstacle to getting anywhere. Click here to read more about alternative medicines that can help people alongside other helpful tips and services.