Forbes Now: #Disavowal #Cause #Worst #Mistakes #Psychological #Gremlin

Forbes Now: The Cause of your Worst Mistakes? A Psychological Gremlin You Never Heard Of.

What can you do to mitigate the damage of disavowal?

• Don’t assume you are immune to it. You’re not.

• Don’t assume it can’t happen again. It will.

• Learn about your own overall vulnerability to this mental gremlin. If it’s high, make sure you have a trusted advisor — one you will actually listen to — to tell you to stop.

• Identify situations where you are most likely to set up walls in your mind to dismiss aspects of reality that are inconvenient at the moment.

• Watch out for times you are impulsive and passionate — you are more likely to employ disavowal to rid yourself of facts that would inhibit you from going where you want to go.