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A group of pro-equality Christians have attacked a new anti same-sex marriage advertisement as irresponsible, while distancing themselves from the Australian Christian Lobby and Lyle Shelton, who they say “doesn’t speak for most Christians”.

The Australian Christians for Marriage Equality launched its same-sex marriage campaign on Wednesday, bringing together Catholics, Anglicans, members of the Uniting Church and others.

The group describes itself as a voice for grassroots Christians, the majority of whom support same-sex marriage, according to polling by the Equality Campaign.

They launched their campaign in Paddington Uniting Church on Oxford Street in Sydney, expressing frustration at the intransigence of church leaders.

Speaking at the launch, an Anglican minister, Reverend Keith Mascord, said people like Shelton did not speak for the Christian majority.

“He speaks for some but he doesn’t speak for us,” Mascord said. “He doesn’t speak for most Christians, he doesn’t speak for the demographic that said yes – 65% of Roman Catholics – so he’s not speaking for people of faith.”