#Long #Duration to #Regain #Concentration Texting #iPhone

MarketWatch: This is how long it takes to get regain your concentration after texting on your iPhone. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw6vrEzjU

MarketWatch: What are the biggest distractions at work?

Rosen: Technology, particularly communication technology, is the No. 1 distraction in almost all studies — it’s the one that creates the interruption. About half of interruptions we get are from the outside, most often an email message or chat messages. The other half of the interruptions come from inside our brain. They are often caused because we are feeling a need to stay constantly connected so we need to check in often.

We know that people check in every 15 minutes or less and, as soon as they check in it will take upwards of 20 minutes to return to the task they were working on. It doesn’t mean the work is not productive, but if you stop what you’re working on immediately and come back to it 20 minutes later you have to activate all the areas you were using. That project is now going to take you longer to finish and because you are constantly interrupted there will be more stress and anxiety involved.