#Father #Child Dot Org Dot #NZ – #Don’t #Panic


But whatever the circumstances, it makes no difference to a dad who cares, who wants to play an active role in the lives of their children, and yet, suddenly, it’s all gone. They are faced with the awful prospect of not seeing the kids again, or being replaced by a new ‘dad’. It’s a heartbreaking and terrifying situation.
If you find yourself in this situation it’s important to realise that there is hope. There really is.

It is normal to be upset, normal to be scared, and normal to be angry. But things will get better, become clearer and easier. You won’t always feel sad. Gradually, you will build a new life.

Neither your ex-partner nor her new boyfriend, (nor her mum and dad who never liked you anyway) can take your kids away from you. The law does protect your children from this fate in any other than extreme circumstances.

Don’t worry! You may not end up with full, exclusive custody of your children but, if you want it, you can secure shared custody, or at least regular access.

It may take a lot of commitment, but ultimately if anyone is stopping you from seeing your kids it is likely to be yourself.