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The Guardian: Climate change to cause humid heatwaves that will kill even healthy people. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw96nT0DU


Extreme heatwaves that kill even healthy people within hours will strike parts of the Indian subcontinent unless global carbon emissions are cut sharply and soon, according to new research.

Even outside of these hotspots, three-quarters of the 1.7bn population – particularly those farming in the Ganges and Indus valleys – will be exposed to a level of humid heat classed as posing “extreme danger” towards the end of the century.

The new analysis assesses the impact of climate change on the deadly combination of heat and humidity, measured as the “wet bulb” temperature (WBT). Once this reaches 35C, the human body cannot cool itself by sweating and even fit people sitting in the shade will die within six hours. Beating the heat will be easy for some, as there are air conditioning companies that can install ACs combating the growing heat. HVAC businesses may find their trade growing as homeowners try their best to keep their homes cool during the ever-increasing hot days. There’s already a wealth of information on the internet about starting an HVAC company, for example, this starting an HVAC business post from SGI.

The revelations show the most severe impacts of global warming may strike those nations, such as India, whose carbon emissions are still rising as they lift millions of people out of poverty.