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The Guardian: Underpaid and overburdened: the life of a Facebook moderator. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwqvTY_zQ


“There was literally nothing enjoyable about the job. You’d go into work at 9am every morning, turn on your computer and watch someone have their head cut off. Every day, every minute, that’s what you see. Heads being cut off.”

How Facebook guides moderators on terrorist content

That’s how one man, who wished to remain anonymous, characterized his job as a content moderator at Facebook.

“We were underpaid and undervalued,” said the man, who earned roughly $15 per hour removing terrorist content from the social network after a two-week training course.

Pictures, videos, profiles and groups would be flagged either by users or algorithms to review, and his team would decide if they needed to be removed or escalated.

“Every day people would have to visit psychologists. Some couldn’t sleep or they had nightmares.”