#Elderly #Man #Trapped #Campervan #Three #Days

Stuff.co.nz: Elderly man trapped in campervan for three days. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/94791513/elderly-man-trapped-in-campervan-front-seat-for-three-days

Paeroa fire brigade station officer Paul Jackson, who helped extricate him, said the man was found wedged between the driver and passenger seat.

It appeared the elderly man had been climbing from the front seated area into the back of the small caravan when he slipped. This case highlights how vulnerable elderly people can be. This is part of the reason some families look at Aged Care options. If you are concerned about the financial aspects of doing this then you may want to view some Aged Care Financial Advice.

“He was facing in towards the cabin of the motor home and his foot was stuck under the clutch pedal and his hip was wedged under the seat areas, so he couldn’t move backwards or forwards.”

Over the two days, he suffered deep wounds as he attempted to wriggle free, Jackson said.

“He couldn’t physically get out.”

There was no food or drink within his reach, he said.

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