Inconsiderate doesn’t provide a reason behind the tardiness

Plenty of research has gone into trying to figure out why some of us are like this.

According to human behaviour writer and lecturer Alfie Kohn in a blog post on Psychology Today, saying these people are “inconsiderate” is accurate, but it doesn’t provide a reason behind the tardiness.

Kohn suggests a couple of reasons why people could be chronically late – perhaps they enjoy the attention of making an entrance, or maybe they are too self involved and wrapped up in their own lives and needs to care that they make people wait.

However, he notes this can’t apply to those who are so late for everything they dramatically inconvenience themselves.

For example, they miss flights or get shut out of events they really wanted to attend. While some people check the clock every so often when a deadline is coming up, Kohn suggests some people aren’t so great at doing this.

“Perhaps they have a tendency to lose themselves in whatever they’re currently doing and don’t discover what time it is until it’s too late,” he wrote.