Human Rights Commission applauds historic pay equity settlement

The Human Rights Commission has said today’s pay equity settlement is historic and will change the lives of thousands of mainly female, low-paid workers and their families.

Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue says the settlement is long-overdue and gives recognition to the hard work and efforts of rest home caregiver Kristine Bartlett and the E tū Union, and the strong advocacy by the Caring Counts Coalition, of which Dr Blue is Chair.

“I would like to congratulate the Government on going beyond just the living wage or pay parity, and making pay equity a reality for thousands of mainly female, low paid, workers in New Zealand. They are providing much needed support to some of our most vulnerable – it’s great to see the Government recognising this and supporting them in return.

“A pay rise of $7 per hour, rising from $16 up to $23 per hour, for more experienced workers, will make a significant difference to the amount they are taking home at the end of their working week, which will have positive flow on effects for their families.

“Kristine Bartlett has been courageous and determined in her journey to see pay equity realised within the aged care sector. It is fantastic to see her efforts recognised and her pay finally reflect the years of service she has provided,” Dr Blue says.