This is not you and I know it

This is where my mental health journey began. We looked for doctors. We visited with quite a few of them. All seemed to say I was just stressed. My cocktail of medications began with these visits. One after another, only to find out that nothing was working.

I then had one more trip to my last doctor. He cared enough to listen to me. Not just on one visit, but on many visits. He paid attention to my history of anger and noticed I was always more excited about small things than I probably should be. He also realized I was a bit more down on small episodes than I should be. Then there’s the mixture of my anxiety attacks. At the time, I just thought I was maybe having low sugar episodes, but I have never been diagnosed with diabetes. I would get light headed and very dizzy to the point of passing out. Nope. This was not low blood sugar I was actually having. I was experiencing anxiety attacks! The doctor started me on my current medication of Lithium and Xanax and I haven’t looked back since then. Some doctors really do care about how you feel.