Social media may be hurting your mental health

1. Social media use can cause feelings of diminished self-worth
On social media, people tend to show off only the best parts or moments of their lives.

Dr. Bea says this tendency gives others an unrealistic view of what life is really like and makes some people feel that their life isn’t as good. Over time, the result of constantly comparing your life to some else’s can sometimes lead to diminished self-worth.

2. Social media can cause anxiety
The real-time nature of social media sites compels many users to check in on an ongoing basis — because they fear missing out on what others are posting or doing. Studies show that fear of missing out (FOMO) can sometimes increase feelings of dissatisfaction and anxiety.

“Checking behavior is designed to reduce anxiety, but it actually ends up driving it,” says Dr. Bea. “People check in to reassure themselves, but reassurance can be like a drug with a short half-life.”