Serious Results of Heavy Methamphetamine Use

Heavy users tend to experience hallucinations and delusions. Some users develop sores on their face or body when they have been picking at their skin, thinking that there are bugs crawling under their skin that they can’t see.

Because of the caustic nature of the chemicals and the fact that the drug dries up the flow of saliva, a meth addict’s teeth may get rotten and brown. This is referred to as “meth mouth.”

Meth users suffer from poor judgment and may engage in risky lifestyles and risky sex. When a person becomes a meth addict, getting the drug becomes far more important than taking care of the home, children or work. The children may go unfed. Animal feces around the home may not be cleaned up. Used diapers may be found all over the home. Drug paraphernalia and drugs may be within reach of children. If there are children in the home of confirmed meth users, families should take effective action as the children of meth users may come to harm due to neglect, abuse or worse.

An overdose of methamphetamine can cause overheating to the point of convulsions, cardiovascular collapse or death.

A period of heavy meth use is usually followed by a crash in which the person can’t control his sleepiness. He or she may sleep long hours or keep falling into a sleep. There will be heavy drug cravings during this time period that can lead to another binge.